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Create thousands of stamps

Tux Paint Stamps is a collection of stamps that can be added to Tux Paint as a plug-in. Tux Paint is a free, open-source and simple to use drawing tool for kids. Animals, clothing, food, hobbies, household, medical, nature, people, plants, seasons, symbols, and vehicles are among the ready-made photos in this collection. 

To install all of the stamps, you'll need at least 50 megabytes of free space on your hard drive. This image library will be installed alongside Tux Paint in the same directory. A new 'Stamps' button will appear in your Tux Paint interface once it’s been installed.

What are stamps in Tux Paint?

Stamps are images that have a mask over them. Each stamp includes a mask that crops the picture, enabling any type of stamp to be used. Locate the stamps in Tux Paint and open them in a photo editing program like Photoshop or The GIMP to examine the four channels, notably the Alpha channel, which is the mask. 

This is only feasible with Photoshop 4 or later; however, channels may be seen in Photoshop Elements. In The Gimp, the mask is shown alongside the layer. Stamps come in a range of sizes and can be enlarged automatically. Tux Paint, on the other hand, has a couple of flaws. 

Tux Paint's largest setting enlarges the image to 95% of the entire height of the current screen. However, be warned that when Tux Paint automatically scales up a photo, the image gets jagged if the original is insufficiently large. Rubber Stamps in Tux Paint can be composed of several different files. The only file necessary is, of course, the image itself.

How many stamps are there in Tux Paint?

Stamps may be made from PNG or SVG images. Images in full color or grayscale are also acceptable. The alpha (transparency) channel in PNGs is used to determine the image's true shape (otherwise, your drawings will be stamped with a huge rectangle). Tux Paint has a set of scaling buttons by default, allowing the user to scale the stamp up (larger) or down (smaller). 

SVGs are vector-based files that will be scaled in Tux Paint to fit the canvas size. If all of your new PNG stamps have solid rectangular-shaped outlines of a solid hue, it's because you didn't apply alpha transparency (e.g., white or black). Make sure the SVG stamp is no larger than the shape(s) within if your new SVG stamps appear to have a lot of whitespaces. 

If you're clipping them, make sure the document is big enough to hold the form. Stamps can have other qualities in addition to a graphical form, a description, and a sound effect. You'll need to make a 'data file' for the stamp to achieve this. The options are stored in a text file called a stamp data file.

A creativity platform for kids and adults 

Tux Paint Stamps are a fun set of stamps that improve upon the drawing application. Tux Paint's collection of unique stamps makes the software much more entertaining and instructive for your kids. Animals, humans, automobiles, flowers, food, etc. Tux Paint Stamps offers a wide range of innovative and exciting possibilities.


  • Create your own stamps for kids
  • Supports PNG and SVG image format
  • Compatible with advanced editing programs


  • Limited rendering capabilities

Older versions

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Tux Paint Stamps for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2022-06-04
  • 4
  • (1372)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Tux Paint Stamps

  • Bikramjeet Singh

    by Bikramjeet Singh

    i will use tux paint stamp to make car clothes univers astranaut

  • sonu benny

    by sonu benny

    they are wonderful
    only if the developers could put more stamps.
    Pros: stamps and sellos
    Cons: more stamps


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